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A considerable amount of work has been carried out in terms of the differentiation and quality of the products in Puerto de Celeiro through the implementation of the Galicia Calidade mark, the Calidad Tradición Carrefour mark and recently, the Friend Of The Sea certification. This has added value to a product that is traditionally provided by the ship-owners of Celeiro in the Gran Sol fishing grounds, using selective, sustainable fishing methods, such as longline fishing.



The fish market in the Port of Celeiro has obtained certification in the MSC Chain of Custody Standard for three of the most commercialized species in Spain: Hake, Bonito del Norte and Anchovy.

The certifiers have audited the Celeiro fish market to ensure that a good chain of custody management system has been implemented under the MSC traceability standard, the products are clearly identified and separated, and the amounts sold are duly recorded.



All the longliner vessels in the Celeiro fleet have obtained the sustainable seafood certification, following an evaluation in accordance with the ‘Friend of the Sea’ environmental standard. The line-caught hake sold at the Celeiro fish market by these 22 vessels is labelled one by with the ‘Friend of the Sea’ sustainable seafood mark.

The evaluation has shown that the vessels audited and the market of Celeiro comply with the Friend of the Sea sustainable fisheries criteria, which use selective fishing methods that have no relevant impact on the sea bed, the catches come from non-overexploited stocks and legally managed with no bycatches of threatened species and subject to social responsibility criteria.

The certified vessels have set up different protocols to reduce accidental catches of birds, waste, fuel and coolant management and the recording of discarded bycatches.


In 2002 the process of implementing the “Galicia Calidade” guarantee was carried out for line-caught hake larger than 1.2 kilos caught in the Gran Sol waters during the last seven days of the tide, gutted, cleaned and stored in refrigerated conditions.

A milestone which converted the hake of Puerto de Celeiro into the first fish species to obtain that certification and which, today, is recognised in the market whose main mission is to promote our company and everything it stands for.


The Celeiro line-caught hake has also successfully passed the exhaustive tests conducted by Carrefour on food products distinguished with the “Carrefour Selección” mark, which is only awarded to the freshest, most natural, healthy and nutritious products.

For this reason, today we can find Celeiro line-caught hake with the “Carrefour Selección” mark caught by vessels within a period of no more than six days between the time they depart and the time they return that weigh between 1.3 and 2 kilos.

‘Gran Reto Proveedores para el Clima’ Award

Puerto de Celeiro has received the “Gran Reto Proveedores para el Clima” for its selective hake fishing methods.

This distinction aims to reward efforts made to fight climate change by applying sustainable production policies. The jury, formed by representatives of the Carrefour Sustainable Production Institute, decided to reward Puerto Celeiro as its business project respects the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economical and social.

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