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Servicios de Frío de Celeiro S.L.

Nave de empaque s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 55 14 91

The process of modernising the Celeiro fleet and more specifically, the demands in installing and repairing cold storage facilities are the main reasons for the creation of Serfrío in November 1996. Since then, this Grupo Puerto de Celeiro company has been responsible for installing many cold storage systems on fishing vessels, including refrigeration chambers, tunnel freezers and ice factories. As well as technical assistance on board and on land.

Efectos Navales de Celeiro S.L.

Nave de empaque s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 55 17 83

From a hook to a lifeboat, a screw or a trawl net. Serval has 90,000 encoded product references and an ample stock of products to ensure that the boats do not have to wait to replace their gear. Since its incorporation 1996, the company’s radius of action has extended along the coastline of Cantabria and north-west Spain.

Serval, which is an exclusive Zodiac dealer, has a dinghy service station where these inflatable rescue boats are serviced annually without the need to travel long distances.

Entrepot de Celeiro S.L.

Muelle Sur Naves 33/34 – 27863 Celeiro Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf : +34 982 55 11 39 – Fax: +34 982 55 08 64 – Tlf móvil: +34 600 96 82 41

Serpot manages the only private customs warehouse in A Mariña and also has a bonded warehouse and provisions depot that enable it to supply fishing vessels with imported items and national tax-exempt products. Its location, on the dock, guarantees a fast services that also includes all the bureaucratic formalities required by supplies of this type.

Serpot uses the EDI programme, an electronic data interchange system for transmitting data to the Customs Authorities that facilitates the sending of documentation from a computer installed in the company’s offices.

Servicios Integrales de Celeiro

Puerto Pesquero s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 55 17 01

Ever since it was set up in August 1996, the main objective of Servicel has been to provide the fleet with all manner of technological innovations related to on-board electronic equipment, thus contributing to improve the performance of the fishing operations. This concern has led Servicel, unlike other companies in the sector, to combine its technical services with training for fishing professionals and the need to adapt the new technologies to the fishing activities carried out by the fleet associated with Grupo Porto Celeiro.

Servicel’s service offering includes two product lines: navigation and communication equipment and fish detection equipment. In both cases the company has designed a unified on-board electronic equipment model based on fishery types which is being implemented in the entire associated fleet.

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Serlabor S.L.

Muelle Sur s/n – 27863, Celeiro- Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 57 09 03

Serlabor Celeiro, S.L. specialises in the classification and packing of fresh and frozen fish, unloading of fish on land and at sea, and the maintenance and cleaning of facilities and vessels.

Apart from the activities it carries out for Grupo Puerto de Celeiro, Serlabor also provides its services to users of the Market and other ports: from facility repair and maintenance work to the hiring of specialised staff for cutting, packing, handling and other operations.

Novomar de Celeiro

Muelle Sur s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 56 33 22 – Fax: +34 982 56 33 23

After incorporating the group of companies dedicated to meeting all the needs of the associated fleet, Puerto de Celeiro entered the fishery product marketing sector together with Novomar, which started its business activities in February.

Novomar specialises in the sale of fresh fish: hake, angler fish, white tuna, blue shark, sword fish, etc. It operates in the national market. Most of its customers are large Spanish distribution chains such as Mercadona and Carrefour, as well as wholesalers in the central markets of Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, where the company has its own representation through the company Puerto Celeiro Madrid, S.L.

Seagood de Celeiro S.A.U.

Muelle Sur s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 551 491

Seagood was set up in 2008 and specialises in processing and marketing frozen fish products at its plant in Puerto de Celeiro. Its activity is focused on three lines targeted at two types of customers:

  • Commercial establishments and wholesale markets.
  • Processing of cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and giant squid).
  • Cutting and processing of demersal and pelagic species (whiting, horse mackerel and mackerel).
  • Fleet associated with the organisation of producers.
  • Processing and marketing of pelagic species (sardine and mackerel) for human consumption and as bait for the Fishery Product Associations fleet.

Its main customers are commercial establishments, but it also supplies wholesale markets.

Sea Goods Dry Sea Company S.L.U.

Muelle de Celeiro s/n – Celeiro, 27863 – Viveiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 55 14 91

This company processes shark fins for export, mostly to China. Seagoods Dry Company is the only one of its kind in Spain that engages in the professional processing of these fins.

The company was established with the aim of adding value to shark fins, a subproduct of the Spanish swordfish and shark industry. Traditionally, this product was sold by Chinese companies and processed in China, where shark fins are very popular among consumers. For this reason, the main difference of this company versus its competitors is precisely that it is not limited to the direct purchase and export of this product, as once the shark fins have been purchased, it transports them to its facilities where it washes, classifies and dries them for export.

Puerto Celeiro Madrid

Nave Central de Pescados Puesto 142 – 28053 Mercamadrid (Madrid)
Tlf : +34 91 7862950 – Fax: +34 91 7852800

Puerto Celeiro Madrid, S.L. was incorporated in April 1997 following the experience of its founders, Novomar de Celeiro, S.L. and Puerto Celeiro, S.A., which, together with the ship-owners of Celeiro, form a powerful business group based on a concept of vertical and horizontal integration of fishing activities, forming a chain that starts in the sea and ends at the table of the end consumer.

We are professionals in the wholesale marketing of fresh fish, including hake, angler fish, tuna and swordfish among other.

Our most emblematic product, which sets us apart from other wholesalers of Mercamadrid, is line-caught hake with the “Galicia Calidade” quality seal. This mark was awarded to line-caught hake in Celeiro in 2002 by the Regional Government of Galicia to certify hake that is specially processed and treated, in which quality and traceability is our common goal. The hake that reaches the end customer is excellent: it is of the highest quality and freshness and offers the best guarantees in terms of food safety.



Servicios Logísticos de Celeiro

C/ Playa nº1, 27863 Celeiro (Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 56 10 44

The excellent relations between the “Santiago Apóstol” Fishermen’s Guild of Celeiro and Grupo Puerto de Celeiro in the common defence of the interests of the local fishing industry has given rise to the incorporation of a company: Servicios Logísticos de Celeiro.

The main objective of this economic interest group is to improve and extend the port infrastructures. In fact its first project is the construction of 60 new ship-owner facilities occupying a surface area of 10,000 m2 close to the new market, representing an investment of almost 2.7 million euros.

Técnica de Envases Pesqueros S.A.

C/ Vilar n°3, 27836 Muras(Lugo)
Tlf: +34 982 500 100 – Fax: +34 982 500 107

Técnica de Envases Pesqueros, S.A. engages in the manufacture of fish packaging. At the end of 1999 it launched its new container models, approved in accordance with European standards. The new containers, made of high density polyethylene, are resistant to heat and cold and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to 80 ºC, as well as being registered with the Health Authorities.

Their principal function is to maintain the caught fish in the best possible conditions of quality and freshness, but their design also takes into account the need to facilitate the movement and storage of the containers. They are all characterised by the fact that they reduce handling of the fish to a minimum, as once the fish have been selected on board, the commercial circle is closed without having to change containers between the boat and the final point of sale. The company has a production capacity of 100,000 containers per month.

Meroil S.A.

C/ Port de Lagos nº 20, Port de Barcelona 08039
Tlf: +34 932 061 600

Meroil, S.A. was set up in 1993 and operates in the oil distribution sector in Europe. It was the first project implemented by independent entrepreneurs in a sector that has always been reserved for large national and international operators. Meroil is controlled by a large number of service station owners and since July 1996, by E.R.G., the most important oil group in Italy. The latest partners to be incorporated into its shareholder structure are Naviera Sicar and Petrole et Derives, which belongs to the French group Intermarché.

The partnership with Puerto de Celeiro, S.A. has led to a significant change of strategy that implies the consolidation of its area of influence in north-west Spain, where it now has a loading terminal in Ferrol.

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